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A major source of all hotel reservations results from online channels. Travelers search and compare hotels online before making a reservation. Studies show the top two main factors in the decision process are reviews and photos. People look online for visuals of what will be offered at the hotel. Beyond the textual content, photos create the first impression of the hotel for travelers.


If you want dynamic and lively hotel photography, then you should consider doing a lifestyle photoshoot. This kind of photography places people into real-life situations at the hotel, capturing moments as naturally as possible. Lifestyle photography tells a story about guests and the experiences they have at the hotel. The goal is to create an emotional connection with potential guests by having them imagine themselves relaxing at the hotel spa, feasting on the fine dining or reclining peacefully in their rooms.


Food and beverage photos are incredibly important for you and your restaurant. Since your guests cannot wait for their dining experience to begin, give them a sneak peek of the delights that will soon arrive at their table. Stunning pictures could also attract local guests interested in a great night out. Good photos, however, require careful preparation. Awake your brand with mouth-watering food and beverage photography.


I believe that beauty is everywhere and in everybody. It's looking past what we see in the mirror; it's not about having the perfect body or the perfect skin. I believe beauty is strength, kindness, joy, vulnerability, innocence, elegance, sensuality and so much more. We are beautiful in our own unique way and we should celebrate it. I want to capture the best version of yourself, make you look and feel beautiful, empowered and create a timeless portrait that will live forever, for yourself and for your family.


Hi there! I am Tanja, 44 years young, a Costa Rican based photographer from Germany.

To have discovered my passion for photography, I truly consider as one of the greatest gifts of this lifetime, Not only has it led me to starting my own business, but ever since opened up a wealth of opportunity to travel the world, live abroad and work with various clients, brands and companies all around the world.

Hotel and lifestyle photography are the focus in my work. Food and product photography as well as portraits depending also to the spectrum.

I dissolved my residence in Germany in 2014 and since there I'm traveling the world with my camera. I felt in love with Central America and the culture of the Mayans. My actual home base is in Puerto Viejo, Limón, Costa Rica. I'm available all over Costa Rica and I frequently visit Bocas del Toro (Panama), San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua), Roatan/La Ceiba/Utila (Honduras), Antigua/Lake Atitlan (Guatemala) and Mexico City. Other locations by request.

I'm beyond grateful and exhilarated to continue evolving my artistic vision as a photographer for many years to come - with endless curiosity for the unknown, a head full of dreams and a heart to decide the way. And although I don't know where this journey will take me in the future, I do know: There's a lot more to explore in this lifetime.


What's App: +49157 7428 1038
Phone (Costa Rica): +506 6106 9183

Casa Tortuga Azul
Playa Negra Limón
70401 Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
Costa Rica

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